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TTAB 2024: At the Threshold of Possibilities and Growth

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By Maxim Tint 16 May 2024
TTAB 2024: At the Threshold of Possibilities and Growth
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The transition within Tech Talent Assembly’s leadership unfolds in parallel with a significant change in Singapore’s national government as the new Prime Minister Lawrence Wong took his seat on 15 May 2024. Just as the nation anticipates new directions and policies under fresh guidance, we are also looking forward to a renewed vision, guided by a new set of leaders, while taking stock and reflecting on the progress we have made thus far.


TTAB Executive Committee 2020 to 2024.jpg

Tech Talent Assembly Executive Committee 2020 - 2024. From left to right, Tan Ying Ying, Hiew Wui Sin, Joanne Seah, Catherine Khaw, Maxim Tint, Ng Tiong Gee, Tan Poh Choo, Lim Kuo Siong, Garion Kong, Arvin Tang, Nurhazman Aziz and Shumit Gupta


Since stepping into their roles in 2020, the outgoing executive committee has led through unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of disruptive technologies that have changed the way we work. The industry has faced many ups and downs – however, these challenges have only strengthened our resilience and commitment. Under the helm of Ng Tiong Gee, we have witnessed remarkable achievements for TTAB, including:


  A strong collective of over 6,000 members: TTAB has continued to grow as a thriving community of tech professionals. We continued to champion professional development opportunities and personal well-being benefits for all members. We also made sure that those who have gone above and beyond to make a difference in their community were recognised. Last November, we held the inaugural Tech Talent Assembly Awards Night 2023 to celebrate 41 outstanding changemakers, tech builders, and progressive tech employers.


  A flourishing tech ecosystem: The past four years showcased more than 50 workshops and events from our Thought Leadership Series with valued partners such as AiSP, AWS, e2i,, Google, NTUC Training Hub, OCBC Bank and Sparkline. We delivered workshops on trends like generative AI, cyber security, coding and data sciences; and supported important advocacies to encourage fair, decent and rewarding work for tech labourers. TTAB Career Conversations and career training pathways programmes, in partnership with NTUC Learning Hub, likewise remained integral for our members’ professional development.


  A commitment to our values and advocacies: Nurturing tech talents and equipping them with future-ready skills through lifelong learning and sharing has always been our north star, alongside our strong commitment to championing sustainability, positive social impact and innovation through partnerships, workshops and events within the tech industry. This year, we took steps toward closing the gender gap in the industry and encouraging more young women to pursue tech careers by forming the Women Empower Women (WEW) subcommittee.


  Building a future-ready workforce: These are rapidly changing times and the demands of the tech industry have necessitated greater focus on upskilling tech professionals, including those switching to tech, to be more resilient and adaptive to emerging technologies like generative AI. To this end, we have published the 2023 “Trends, Jobs and Skills for ICT Professionals,” helping professionals adapt to changing skills demands.


For four years, Tiong Gee and the executive committee have steered TTAB to the vibrant community it is now, drawing strength from members and partners, being at the forefront of upskilling initiatives, and making sure members are ready to meet the future.


“It takes collective commitment and contribution to build a strong community. We are immensely proud of this thriving community we’ve built together and are confident that the new leadership will continue to champion our values and advocacies, and with an innovation-driven mindset, take TTAB to greater heights,” said Ng Tiong Gee, President, Tech Talent Assembly (TTAB) Executive Committee (2020 - 2024).


As I step into this role as president of the incoming executive committee, I am excited to serve alongside the team in ensuring that our members and the tech community have the tools, skills and opportunities to thrive in the industry, and emerge stronger in the face of challenges. We remain steadfast in our collective vision of helping all tech professionals succeed and we will explore new pathways for our members to be future-ready.