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What is the Tech Talent Assembly Awards?


The Tech Talent Assembly Awards recognise individuals and organisations that have gone above and beyond to nurture and support tech talents in their skills and careers as well as individual tech talents who take ownership in the pursuit of lifelong learning and their careers. There are four categories under the Awards:


  • Most Progressive Employers of Tech Talents
  • Tech Talent Builders
  • Tech Talents of the Year
  • SOAR (Strive, Overcome, Adapt, Resilience) Award


The SOAR Award is a new addition this year, bringing the focus to women-in-tech who have overcome challenges to do well in their career.

Who can enter and who can nominate?


Professionals in the tech sector can either self-nominate or be nominated by their peers for these awards.


What are the different criteria to determine winners?


Most Progressive Employers of Tech Talents


Recognises Singapore registered companies, public sector organisations, non-governmental organisations and social sector organisations that have supported their tech talents in skills and career progression.


Specifically, organisations should:



Tech Talents of the Year


Conferred on outstanding Tech Talents who display the traits of Ready, Relevant and Resilient by: 


  • Taking ownership in up-skilling and reskilling to future-proof their careers 
  • Strong personal commitment towards lifelong learning 
  • Individuals who are successful in their efforts to take the leap from non-tech to tech job roles will also be considered. 


This award is open to all (members and non-members of TTAB).


Tech Talent Builders


Recognises Tech Professionals who nurture the tech teams in their organisation in career pathways and training and/or has the passion to develop skills of tech talents for the sector. 


SOAR Award


Recognises women in tech who have overcome challenges (in life and/or at work) to achieve where they are at now.  

We used SORE to represent the sore points or difficulties that female professionals may likely experience in their personal or professional life - Stereotyping, Ostracism, Role conflicts or Equity (lack of).


SOAR is our acronym for “Survive the Odds And Rise!”  We are looking for women in the tech / tech-related industries who:

  • Strive in her own area of expertise,
  • Overcame obstacles in her professional or personal life,
  • Adapted well in unfavourable circumstances and
  • Remained Resilient and Relevant in the new environments.


Note: Nominees will be invited to share their stories on how they turned “SORE” to “SOAR”.

How many categories can I enter?


There is no limit to the categories to enter and/or nominate.


When is the deadline to submit nominations?


The deadline to submit nominations is 30 June 2024. Nominate here.


How much does it cost to enter?


There is no cost to enter and/or nominate.


How will the winners be announced?


The winners will be announced at the TTAB Awards & Dinner 2024 on 22 November 2024.




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