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Quick Observations!

As we interact with more people, we realised that many of them have lots to share which will benefit our members. We decided to come up with these Quick Observations! videos to capture the essence of topics of popular interests. 

​​These videos are developed DIY (with really minimal equipment)! We are also learning and improving as we go along!

Digital Marketing
What is Digital Marketing ? What are the jobs in Digital Marketing ? Why do many DM agencies today welcome mid-career-change candidates ?
What can a person in IT or Marketing do to improve their hiring opportunities ? Learn about all these from Arvin Tang in the video here!

​Data Analytics
Why companies (big or small) invest in data analytics ? Is there a demand of data analytics professionals in the job market ? Is it realistic for mid-career professionals to move into new Data Analytic roles ? Why does a data analytic role has better visibility in an organisation ? 
Learn about the above and more from Poh Choo, Customer Advisory Director @ SAS. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI myths debunked! Shumit (TTAB's Exco) shares how technology such as AI promotes jobs creation and allowing us to boost capabilities and productivity. 
People plays an important role in this development chain because computers still can't handle morale and ethical issues.

Building your digital brand
How do we build our digital brand ? Hear from Ben Mah (TTAB's Exco) as he shares his thoughts around creating an identity around social platforms. 
You may be surprised at some of his insights!